4/16 6:25am BOS-DFW AA1308, 11:05am DFW-OGG AA119


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Hi, for BOS to DFW, looks like the first half generally speaking is going to be bumpy, in the light to moderate range, but smoothing out for the second half. Where exactly that delineation falls, a bit past the Ohio Valley.

For DFW to OGG, decent out of DFW and over the US, a little bumpy over Southern California, decent first half of the ocean crossing, and a bumpy last half due to a jet stream and weather near Hawaii

mixed bag here, but some smooth air in there!


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Forgot to follow up like I said I would, but both flights were great! First flight the attendants had to sit for 5-10 mins but even to me it didn’t feel worse than slightly moderate. Second flight was mostly light here and there.