4/30 SW2773 MDW-RSW 7:15-11pm


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The maps look pretty colorful today, I'm hoping that things will settle down by tomorrow night. Jet stream is dipping and tornadoes moving east. I flew a similar route into RSW last Saturday and it was as smooth as your prediction, but I think my luck might have run out. Could you give me your opinion? Thanks!


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I think tomorrow looks a lot better than today. Those storms should be east of most of your flight path I would think, but you might have to run the storm gauntlet from about Atlanta to the northern part of Florida, that's when I would definitely plan to be seated securely, just in case. Depends on how the weather moves, as you would expect. Outside of that, I'd expect some occasional light as usual, perhaps just a little bit more than usual due to the jet, as you mentioned.