6/14 PEK-YYZ Air Canada 032 6:00 pm-6:45 pm


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I also have a connection within Canada:
6/14 YYZ-YHZ Air Canada 622 8:30 pm-11:37 pm

Thanks in advance!


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The polar routes are usually pretty uneventful. If you have any bumps, it may be out of PEK and for your short Canada jump. Enjoy your flight.


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Thanks for the forecast. The flight back from Beijing was not as turbulence-free as the flight over (in which the fasten-seatbelt light came on only once in the 12+ hour flight) - on the way back, it came on several times, but only for light bumps and only for 5-10 minutes at a time. (The annoying thing was that the flight attendants had to interrupt my movie viewing with the fasten-seatbelt announcements in English, French [this was Air Canada, remember], and Mandarin, so every announcement took several minutes.)

The Toronto-Halifax flight seemed a bit bumpier than usual, probably because it was a little Embraer (two seats each side of the aisle) rather than the Airbus (three seats each side of the aisle) that I usually get on that leg.

I flew Shandong Airlines from Beijing to Jinan while I was in China, and the outbound leg was on the first flight after hours of delays due to severe thunderstorms. That wasn't fun.