7/17 10:45am FRA–ORD LH430


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returning from a quick trip to Europe. Would appreciate the forecast. It’s gotten awfully quiet on this forum. Hopefully we will all get to travel more soon again. Stay safe


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Hi, this is is for LH430 10:55 12:24 FRA ORD

Flight path is FRA, north of Ireland, just south of the tip of Greenland, northeastern Canada, Michigan (hi!), ORD. (The path may change though, doesn't sound right).

At Frankfurt, good weather, good takeoff, a bit of light bumps on climb out. Good over Europe. Light bumps northwest of UK/Ireland. Light to moderate for about an hour when you're as west as the southern tip of Greenland, smooths out again. A bit of light to moderate along the US/Canadian border, and then occasional light to moderate for the remainder. At ORD, good weather, light to moderate on descent, good landing.

Thank you! Good to see you flying again.