7/3 Mdw-mht Swa1917


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thanks so much in advance... we are flying on a 6:15pm Southwest flight out of Chicago Midway to Manchester, NH and hoping for a smooth trip! I'll appreciate any input! :)


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Hello there.

I don't think it will be 100% smooth, I think some light, slight chance of moderate, might be in order due to weather and the jet stream, along with some bumps on landing into MHT, but should be not too bad overall.


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I never had a chance to update this - firstly, thanks so much for the forecast, as always...

the flight was actually pretty smooth! there were a few "stronger" bumps on the descent, but that was within 15-20 minutes of our landing time, so it didn't bother me (oddly enough, I am not bothered by turbulence as long as we have started our descent). your forecast was helpful though as it enabled me to prepare for something bumpier, so it was a pleasant surprise to have a smoother-than-expected flight.