7/7 10:35 am bwi-pvd wn519


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Sorry this is so late - I had actually not intended on requesting a forecast for this flight due to it being super short - but after reading travel advisories in the NYC area I'm curious as to if I'll be riding "sporty" :)

7/7 10:35 AM BWI-PVD WN519


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Hello! I think BWI-PVD has a high probability of being sporty start to finish. But you do it so well!

It's weird though, the forecast maps don't really seem to say much about the weather and I was only aware because someone else asked me about how Delta was given weather waivers for travel on the 7th a few days ago. It's actually hard to find a nice general weather overview.


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Just landed, not a bad flight at all. Some expected bumps through cloud cover on climb out and descent but smooth as cruise (I think FL340).

Thank you as always :)