7/8 7:00am MSN-DFW-CUN AA2884 AA1328


Thanks for any insight you can provide on this one.

Your forecasts are always helpful and are usually right on the money.

Thanks again,



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Hi, good to see you again, I'm glad you worked out how to post on the new forums.

For AAL2884 07:00 09:22 MSN DFW

At MSN in the morning, weather looks good, good takeoff, good climb, good flight until the very end, with a bit of weather forecasted near DFW. Perhaps a bit of light to moderate on descent into DFW, as well as landing, depending on the weather, but the airport is indicating no weather at landing time, so that's good.

Then we have AA1328 DFW CUN

DFW indicting ok weather at takeoff, but might be a bit of light to moderate on takeoff and climb out. Should be a good ride, perhaps a bit of weather to your east but not indicated to be on your flight path. Descent and landing, just lightly bumpy

Two good ones!