8/3 6:20 pm ecp-bwi wn2535


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Go home day! With all this weather-icity I can imagine the return trip being just as sporty. But Friday flights = Happy Hour flights :)

8/3 6:20 PM ECP-BWI WN2535


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Looks like a sports bar ride up to BWI, with possible delays. See attached forecasted weather, and also, seeing a bit of bumps due to unstable air, so you're getting the full whopper combo with fries (clear air bumps), and a drink (rain). I'll keep this open, unfortunately you can't have this ride your way, definitely not a happy meal sort
of trip

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 1.20.20 PM.jpg
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I was bracing for a delay, but we took off on time and while there were some cloud bumps thru climb and descent, cruise was fairly smooth with just pockets of mild mild chop. I had talked to the captain who said they were vectoring west of the weather so that probably helped. Overall a great flight. With mcdonaldland cookies :)

Thanks man, talk soon!