9/20 8:20am ATL-LAX DL394


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Hi - time to head back home to LA.

Going to try the self forecast again! Maps show some light (maybe even moderate) for the first 30-45 minutes maybe? Looks like that’s clearing up by the time we leave so maybe ok. And then over California for the last bit maybe some light?

thanks for confirming or correcting me! Hoping for a good one again.


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You're hired. Looks like it's going to smooth out quite a bit so your flight will be fairly good, just a bit of of light to moderate on climb out, mostly lightly bumpy, decent ride for quite a while, perhaps a bit of light to moderate near Colorado. I think descent and landing into California are good. Thank you!


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Easily one of the best flights ever! Not one bump, picture perfect skies the whole way, and on time take off and landing... couldn't ask for any better!
Thanks again - and be well!