Flight from San Diego to JFK tomorrow


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Sorry it’s a little late but how is a flight tomorrow looking from San Diego to JFK at 7:45 am PST 1/6/19 DL2929? Will there be turbelunce?


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Rainy and a bit windy at takeoff, for light to moderate at takeoff, and remaining light to moderate at climb. Cruise remains light to moderate through to about western Kansas.

You get a bit of a break, lightly bumpy to smooth until about eastern Missouri, then light to moderate for the remainder of the flight, including descent into JFK. EWR will be windy at landing time, for moderate bumps on landing.

Let me also say that the past week and a half have been very unusual, with areas of moderate-severe cropping up a lot in the Ohio Valley through EWR area, and also, currently, a moderate-severe for mid altitudes (20-28K) around SAN. Tt might get a little bumpy on climb out of SAN, moderate-severe might be possible.