Flights to Europe- Turbulence over Newfoundland/Labrador Sea


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I'm a newbie to the forum, but have followed the TF webpage for the past few years. Thank you so much for taking the time to create this great resource!

On my flights to Europe (leaving from NYC), I've always noticed significant turbulence while flying over the Newfoundland / Labrador Sea area of Canada. I tend to dread heading into this area while flying...has anyone else noticed turbulence while flying over this area as well?


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I would say that the majority of the turbulence you experience in that region at cruise altitude is from the North American jet stream heading north and over the atlantic in that region.

You can see in the jetstream map that is being served right now on the site has the highest winds right in the area you are talking about...

Pretty much any flight out of the Eastern sea board following the great circle route to Europe would have to cross that jet stream as they head up over the polar regions.


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kingpenguin is right. The jet stream tends to hang out up there, and that's the source of the bumpy rides.

I'm glad you registered and posted, welcome and please continue to enjoy the site.


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Thanks kingpenguin78 and tb_neg!!

The more I learn about turbulence through this site, the less anxious I feel about flying in turbulent weather.