flying on Horizon


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I have to fly from Edmonton to Spokane with Horizon Air. We are on those small planes crj700 and q400. Does anyone have any experience on these small planes. Are the bigger planes safer? At the airport I saw a small horizon plane and it looked 100 yrs old. Any comments would be appreciated.


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I've flown with Horizon a bit in the past, but always on the much smaller q200 (only 9 rows). I believe your q400 is newer than the q200, and has over twice as many seats. No experience with the CRJ, but other members are familiar, I'm sure. Never had any complaints on any of my flights with them--I'm just not a huge fan of small planes. Enjoy Spokane--the airport is very nice :)


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The smaller planes are perfectly safe. The rides are probably not as pleasant on as they would be on a larger aircraft.


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I've flown on the CRJ 700. Surprisingly, I have never had a bad turbulence experience on it. Even when the pilot came on to make an annoucement that the landing was going to be very bumpy, it was not bad at all. At least not to me. All of the passengers complimented the pilot on his "skills". :)