Great flight - Mexico City to Atlanta, Atlanta to Richmond, VA


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I always get extremely nervous before flying. For whatever reason, the fear starts to subside as I wait at the gate, but I will admit to some nerves leading up to takeoff. I think I've honestly gotten to the point where I know that I'm more likely to die on the way to the airport than on the plane. It has taken me a long time to get here, but that combined with the knowledge that once I'm airborn I have control of absolutely nothing and I just have to deal with it has made me a more tranquil flyer. I've said before and I believe it to be true, that my extremly turbulent flight to Washington, DC last year has made all turbulence since then seem quite mild. Maybe that flight was just what I needed.

Anyway, I flew from MEX to ATL, ATL to RIC yesterday. The only concern looking at the turbulence outlook was some moderate to severe possible just south of Mexico City and similar possible just west of Atlanta. The flight did get very bumpy during takeoff, but it's always that way coming out of Mexico City. The flight was outstanding. I flew Delta on a 757, and having not flown with Delta in over 5 years, I have to say that they have a very fine fleet of aircraft. I've been flying on mostly A320s lately, so I was delighted to see screens in the backs of the headrests. From Mexico City to Atlanta, I was able to watch The Big Bang Theory, The Office, play a little solitair, and watch the status of our flight. It was a great way to pass the time and really kept my mind occupied as we soared just over 34,000 feet with an outside air temp. of -45 degrees celcius at at a mind boggling 540 mph (thought that last part was interesting since I've never had access to that type of inflight status before). We flew around a wicked looking anvil topped thunder cloud as we neared Atlanta. To my surprise, we had no turbulence to speak of during that part of the flight. As we neared Atlanta, it got a little bumpy, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Needless to say, ATL to RIC was a little blah after the first leg. No entertainment in flight as it was only an hour long flight. We flew on an MD88 which looked a little worse for wear. It seemed like we descended super fast at the end of that flight, but we touched down for a smooth landing.

In the last year, I've flown Delta, United, and Continental. I have to say, Delta offered the most bang for my buck. Yes, I had to pay for my food, and yes I'll have to pay for checked baggage on the way back, but the inflight service and entertainment was awesome, especially considering that the first leg was less than 3 hours. I've been on flights with US Airways that don't even put on a movie for a flight that short. Also, I was interested to see that Delta never uses the word turbulence, at least they didn't during my flight. They call it: Rough Air. I guess this is supposed to sound less scary. It made me think of a rough road, so I guess it worked. The video, pilot, and flight attendants all used this term.

Here's hoping for a smooth flight back in a few weeks.


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I noticed that when NWA was bought out, they changed the wording to rough air. I too flew on a Delta/NWA 757 back in March, it was still in NWA paint and no televisions; you were fortunate to be on a Delta 757 as opposed to an ex NWA 757. Great report!

They call it: Rough Air.