Hate To Fly!!!!


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i hate to fly more then anyone in the world....i have been flying for all my life back and forth to utah, bermuda, cancun, flordia....and it is an awful experience everytime....i didnt alwasy hate it but now i really do....i think it was after the bermuda flight...we hit a really rough patch and it lasted for the whole flight....soo now i hate it....and also feel sick and stuff when i fly....i hate the take off because it makes me feel soooo weird and i feel like my head is floating somewhere else...it is awful and i am going to europe this summer without my parents just with my friend and i am soo scared...i have never flown without my mom or dad and i am soo scared....please help me somehow...we r flying from newark to london heathrow...thn coming home from athens to heathrow to newark....UHHH soo scared...is there anything you can do to help me besides breathing exercises....casue that never works......:confused::confused:


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My experience flying to Europe has been really good and mostly smooth, partly b/c the planes are usually big and because long haul flights are high altitude where is usually smoother. Also, as far as flying without your parents, i've found that my anxiety is, oddly enough, better when i'm alone. Flying with my husband or other friends/ family is usually not helpful b/c there's no talking me out of the fear, and when i'm by myself i just have to hold it together better.

But my best suggestion is to tell the flight crew you are a nervous flier and that you'd like to meet the pilots...i did this a few weeks ago and was amazed by how calming and helpful everyone was. i got to go into the cockpit and learned about the basics of flying and was informed of the turbulence expectations for the flight. You'll be surprised how gracious the flight crew is--they have a lot of experience with fearful fliers and the flight attendants checked on me a bunch and even brought me some cookies and ginger ale like i was a little kid (i'm 32 years old!) I felt like i was in good hands and meeting them made me feel like i was being cared for which made me feel calmer overall throughout the flight.

And just think, you get to go to Europe! What an amazing experience--travel is sooooo rewarding, so a little bit of discomfort is worth it. good luck.


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Two things help me.

1) Dramamine (if your doctor says it is OK to use). I never experienced motion sickness before I had one rough flight from Japan to the US. After that, flying made me feel every small bump and motion of the plane, and I was unable to relax. Well, surprisingly Dramamine helps with this.

2) Window seat. For me, being able to see the outside makes flying so much easier. It's calming, and usually beautiful. Plus you are less nervous during take off and landing because you see everything that's happening.

I don't know if it will work for you, but that makes it easier for me. Also, I did a lot of research about how safe flying was, etc. That made me feel better logically, but physically and emotionally, it's the first two for me.