Home! YUL to YYZ AC 415 1/27


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Hey tb_neg,

So I jumped on the earlier flight home so I didn't get to experience the 333 and do a comparison...however this time I was in business class of the 777. The one with the lie flat seats that are incredible.

Summary is: mod chop coming out of MTL, for the first 15-20 minutes, the rest was smooth sailing. Came SUPER close to a small prop coming out of MTL.

The seats are incredibly perfect, but seem ridiculous for such a short haul flight. As well, for the angle they are on, looking out the window kind of strains the neck...especially for someone like me, who hates flying and gets over it by looking out the window at the clouds trying to plan every little bump or jeer.

Anyway, your forecast was pretty dead on.
Talk to you in about a month for some MEXICO forecasts!!!!