How is american airlines in turbulence?


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getting a little nervous here as I am taking AA from ORD to CDG and the map is showing alot of turbulence from detroit DTW to CDG...anyone been on American??


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Why blame the airlines?

Why blame the airlines?

All airlines will avoid turbulence if it's possible..if not for passenger comfort they will avoid it for fuel efficiency. That is, unless it represents a REALLY strong tail wind that will shave time off and the turbulence is light to moderate. I don't know which airline has which policy regarding passenger comfort, but all of them try to make things as comfortable as possible when possible.

Still, turbulence can cover a huge area and is sometimes unavoidable at all practical altitudes no matter what airline you are on. It's not their fault. It's beyond their control most of the time.


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I think I read somewhere that Northwest has/had this priority system.

1. Safely.
2. Comfortably.
3. Efficiently.