How is the Boeing 777 for safety and turbulence?


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I'm flying from LAX to Dulles in early May and will be flying on a Boeing 777. I chose this plane because of it's size and figured it might handle turbulence better. I have flown many times but have been a nervous flyer since an Airbus 320 lost an engine during an ascent 2.5 years ago. I just can't seem to get the butterflies out of my stomach now. Any advice?



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It is indeed a larger plane then the Airbus, so in theory it would have more mass to counteract some of the turbulence, but in reality any plane will feel the effects of turbulence to some degree. As well, all planes have different amounts flexibility in their wings and translate movement into the cabin differently, but I wouldn't go out of my way to book possibly more expensive flights just because of the aircraft variant. If you are going to hit a rough patch, you will pretty much have the same experience in most all larger planes.

The A320 series is a great plane, so I wouldn't let your experience with the engine failure prevent you from flying on one before. That would be more of a manner of random luck and possibly maintenance procedure by the airline itself. You could have a brand new engine right off the assembly line fail for many reasons. Realize they have two engines just for situations like that, failure of one does not mean the plane is in trouble, they just turn around and land after loosing some fuel weight.

Post back on what the cabin was like though, as I have never been on a 777 before. They apparently have larger windows then the 737s and I hate having to bend over to look at the scenery in those jets!
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I just recently got to fly in a 777 for the first time, and it was very nice--big windows, comfortable seats, and a very quiet ride. I thought it handled the turbulence we did hit very well, especially compared to the 737s that I usually fly. Enjoy your flight!


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Airbus didn't make that engine, but I can imagine that was a scary incident. It is also very uncommon.

I would prefer the 777 to just about anything else across the ocean. It does have a turbulence suppression system (only side to side though, to get up and down, you'd have to wait until the 787).

I remember reading on Captain Lim's site (an excellent resource), that the 777 is smoother than the A340 in flight, see the link below for the general site; he rearranged it and I can't find that particular mention.


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777 is one of my favorite jets. I wish they would use more of these than 767 overseas. Pyschologically, I just feel better on a 777 than any plane. I've not flown the A340, but hear it's great too.