Irma's effect on close airports that remain open


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Good afternoon,

I have been a ball of nerves because I am required to fly out to Charlotte NC on Monday afternoon for a work trip. I have been trying to switch my flight to tomorrow to no avail. Very expensive swap because the airline has only declared two of the other airports in NC as a hazard but Charlotte is still not on the list. If my flight takes off as planned and I land in Charlotte around 5pm on Monday. What are the odds it won't be terrible. I am coming from Boston.


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I think Monday actually looks better. Now mind you, when I prognosticate in this style I can't make any promises (well, I can never make any promises, just give educated guesses), but there's a strong jet stream parked over your flight path now, and the jet stream forecast maps suggest a weaker jet stream for Monday. So, counter intuitively I think Monday looks better. Sure, take off on Sunday might be a bit better than Monday, but the jet stream is much more influential for your flight quality than Irma remnants, at least that's what think.

I hope that helps!


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After your original response, I stopped trying to change the flight. I posted the flight details in the forecast forum. THANKS in advance for all your help!

Today's flights from BOS to CLT look pretty rough, so hopefully you were NOT able to change them. Compare the two maps below, already an improvement for Monday morning.