Its the Trolleys I Fear


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I feel like a idiot for asking this.

My fear of flying started when I had children. Before that I was blind & deaf to risk. Now I notice anything out of the ordinary. Like any rational person I break risk down into its components:

Event Risk = Event Probability * Event Severity

as we all know on this forum because most air crashes tend to have binary outcomes (we either ALL survive or ALL perish), no matter how small the event probability is, it seems impossible to ignore the event severity.

....which leads me onto my next point.

Does anyone have this fear of the flying trolley. Whenever, the SEATBELT sign goes on. I break out in a sweat when I see the cabin crew continue to serve their meals during these periods. If its too dangerous for a malleable human body to be let loose on other passengers why leave an untethered 200lb piece of metal in the aisle. What really rankles me is when the FA leaves the trolley completely to get change, the chicken option or more coffee and the cart is situated by my side.

As I rule I go for the aisle seat but my fear no longer allows this.