London to Toronto


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Hi all,

I've not flown long-haul in a long time and I wondered if you could just give me an idea of what to expect on a flight from London to Toronto (and back) at the end of October. I'm a little nervous about turbulence. I can't change my trip and have to go for work, but I'll feel better if prepared!

Please don't tell me any individual horror stories, but if anyone knows the general conditions around that time of year on that flight path, I'd really appreciate your comments.

My husband has complete aviaphobia so he's unable to come with me. We're hoping to get him over that soon. I might come back here to get advice on that when we're ready.

Many thanks!



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I flew to Germany in October of last year. I am pretty scared of flying, and was amazed I agreed to go to Europe, but it was fine. Just like this site said, a little turbulence right before you cross the Atlantic. You are in a pretty big plane, for one thing. I am sure it can go either way, but I worried for nothing. The movies and food offered were pretty good too, at least on US Air :)