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I have to fly to LHR from PHX - have a choice either to layover for several hours in DFW or JFK - any opinions on which is the better airport?

I'm leaning towards the layover in JFK since it breaks up the trip into more evenly matched segments.

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You are more than welcome to post anytime you want.

Hmm....DFW vs JFK. Both can be stormy this time of year. If it were me I'd probably do what was cheaper, better equipment, although I like the idea of the layover in JFK to make it more evenly divided. Flight path is more or less the same. Not much difference. Perhaps the airport that has better food?


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Decided to break up the flight and travel thru JFK - equipment was the same (B737-800 and B777-300) - spend the day in London and then head to Tel Aviv for a week.