NYC to Chicago - what airline?


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Need to take a flight from NYC to Chicago on 28th May, returning 30th or 31st. I'm not too familiar with the pros and cons of the various airlines in the USA, so I thought I'd ask for recommendations. I've read various good things on this site about NWA, but this will nearly double the journey time in comparison with JetBlue (although keep the price about the same). Anyone got any thoughts?


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Okay - getting a clearer idea of things now. So, since NWA won't let me book online from UK (!), the choice is looking at being between a JetBlue Embraer or an AA M80 (is that the same as an MD-80?). Can anyone share some thoughts on which of these is a). the better airline and b). the better aircraft for turbulence?....


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MD-80, better aircraft. jetBlue, better airline.

The E190 is a bit small, and there have been some complaints of rough rides on them. I like the MD-80 series, but it's on American.

Clear as mud, right?