Small,small planes (6 seater)


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OK, so I don't really like flying, but I have become accustomed to it. I am now even able to laugh at myself when I start to panic during turbulence -huge change, I went almost 10 years without flying because of fear. However, I may have to take a leg of an upcoming trip on a Cessna 6 seater or something like that - help! So, has anyone ever been on one of these? One of the reasons I hate turbulence is it makes me feel nauseous. How will this be? I have been on one of those Beechcraft 19 seaters before but that is as small as I have gone. Yikes.


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I have actually flown one of "pilot"..on an introductory flight during massive thunderstorms. It was bumpy..but less lumbering which helped my stomach

In many ways, they are better than large aircraft during bumps because they are not so massive and you can see outside, so the information your eyes and ears give your brain is more in synch, causing less are not staring at a seat back, you are looking out all the windows of the entire thing. It doesn't feel like a big ship lumbering up and down. They don't fly at 35,000 where gusts can reach 70mph, but below 7000 where more reasonable windspeeds are generally found in the 0-20 range..usually.

But they are also more prone to move in lower wind speeds. Keep in mind though, that contrary to popular belief it is not turbulence that causes air sickness so much as vertical acceleration on descent or banking..this will be less in a small aircraft. Shaking will not turn your stomach so much as pitching down or turning so unless the turb is very bad and has you all over the place, in many ways you have less to worry about. Cessnas don't cause the same g's as airliners. They are not turning and climbing at 300kts.

As usual, I recommend you take Dramamine and keep your stomach empty just to be safe. As in an airliner, keep your feet off the floor and close your eyes during bumps and turns. In smooth conditions, these small aircraft can actually be alot of fun.


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Thank you, that actually did make me less nervous. For some reason, as soon as I can make out things on the ground in big aircraft, I become calm, so hopefully this is like that! And I do agree that while I am generally more nervous on the Dash-8s, take off and landing are easier on my stomach. I have always thought about taking an experimental flight in one of these...with a patient instructor/pilot.

Flying over the Caribbean with lots to see makes it not too shabby either.:)


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One nice thing about this aircraft is that you will be able to see the pilot and how calm he/she is. I've flown on this aircraft type too, also in the Caribbean, and it was not bad at all. I recall that landing was a little bit bumpy, but nothing to speak of otherwise.