SW1328 RSW-MKE 11:50am


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Hi TB neg
3/15, SW 1328, RSW-MKE, 11:50am
Lots of turbs yesterday from DTW-RSW, hoping for a smoother ride tomorrow. What do you see? Thanks very much!


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Hi, was just looking at your join date, 2007, you've been here since the beginning almost!

Can I assume you mean 3/16 for your flight, as you would have posted this after you landed if it was for the 15th.

Good conditions in RSW for a good takeoff and climb. I flew MCO-DTW on the 15th at about 3pm and it was a pretty good flight, and I expect much of the same here. Perhaps a few light bumps over the area of Atlanta, and a lightly to perhaps moderately bumpy descent into MKE. Winds should be calmer by landing for a good landing.

Thank you!


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Hi and thanks TbNeg,
Flight was 3/16 as you correctly noted. Smooth until we got across the FL border, then what the pilot called "light chop" all the way up Georgia, about an hour with the FA's seated.
To me, it was more than "light chop" but I guess the pilot had another opinion. Landing into MKE was great, no bumps at all. Really nice view of Chicago and the lakefront all the way up to MKE, glad I was seated on the left side. The flight DTW-RSW was on 3/14. I talked to a former FA who said that the flight S of DTW was one of the most uncomfortable flights she had taken during her years at NW Airlines, so I guess I should have expected some kind of bumps in the same area since it was just a couple of days later and not much change in the weather.

I've been flying ORD-RSW and reverse quite a few times this winter and have had relatively smooth flights, especially considering the bad winter up north. For awhile, I stopped even thinking about turbulence since things were good! Now that spring's on the way, I'll be contacting you more often and will be making a contribution to your website. It's been a big help to me for so many years, keep up the good work.