What has helped you conquer your fear of flying?


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Traditional desensitization?
just gradually got over it?

Funny I've always been fearful, but i thought I was getting better, flew to Thailand, japan, Africa, Peru, all over the US, now it is getting bad again and i feel like I did in my twenties when I simply DID NOT FLY. Don't want to return to those days, so if any of you are ex-fearful flyers, what did it?

I'm thinking of buying Tom Bunn's fear of flying course, but at 500.00 a pop, I want to make sure before i throw that kind of money at the problem.

No offense intended but for those who say I just tough it out, mind over matter, i am either skeptical or you're made of stronger stuff than the rest of us.


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Hi there, I love to fly but cannot handle turbulence. One thing I do that REALLY helps me, is listen to music. I know it doesn't sound like much, but if I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and concentrate on my music I am a lot better. It really does help me. When I fly even though I love it, i sweat and always think the worst. Try it sometime. It may just work for you.:)