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  1. How bad will the turbulence from ATL GA to LIMA PERU BE TODAY AT 545 pm est

    Just trying to get a handle on the turbulence today leaving ATL GA FLYING TO LIMA PERU AT 545 pm EST thanks
  2. Leaving new orleans on tues outta atl to lima peru how bad the turbulence will be

    Flying from new Orleans to ATL And the ATL to Lima Peru the flight leaves ATL ON THIS TUES AT 530 pm any idea how bad the turbulence will be returning on the first Peru to ATL then back to nola thanks

    THEIR is a huge storm system or tropical storm brewing i'n the gulf do y'all exspect it to make my 2 flight very turbulent?? On MONDAY AM i leave KMSY FOR KATL at 615 am then that evening i return...
  4. Delta 551 from KMSY TO KATL 600 am / return flight KATL AIRTRAN 559 pm to KMSY

    I know it might be a little late got 2 flight tomm between KMSY AND KATL Looks like the weather is not gonna be good tomm which means their will prob rough are or turbulence any info would be...
  5. KMSY TO KATL FLIGHT 551 615 am then return later today AT 559 to from KATL TO KMSY

    Any idea how rough these 2 flights will be today know it's kinda late would luv your opinion ?? Have a bad feeling they both will be very turbulent!! Thanks again
  6. Listening to KMSY ATC their are no good rides...

    Listening to KMSY ATC their are no good rides today moderate to heavy turbulence at 32 thousand feet as the controller just said u will have to pick u way threw this stuff
  7. Heavy Turbulence being reported between Houston and new Orleans La

    Hope u are not flying i'n this area today heavy to severe turbulence being reported between Houston i'n and new Orleans la due to heavy line of storms moving east!!!! Exspect delays i can say this i...
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    I've had a flight just like the last post we took...

    I've had a flight just like the last post we took a skywest jet a little small plane from Memphis back home to new Orleans and we were also the first flight to leave out with no reports of turbulence...
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    HEAVY TURBULENCE being reported i'n colorado

    Moderate to heavy turbulence being reported over Rockies over the continental divide today I wouldn't wanna be flying i'n that area today
  10. As always you were right on the money if I had to...

    As always you were right on the money if I had to go out west this week I wouldn't do it yesterdays take off out of Denver was on one the most violent take offs I've been involved with heard a huge...
  11. Know this is a little last minute Denver international to KMSY (NEW ORLEANS)

    Hey sorry know this is a little last minute came to Denver to go sking and to get engaged and to get away from mardi GRAS and didn't check the turbulence on Friday and it was one of the most horrific...
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    I to flew out of new orleans KMSY YESTERDAY...

    I to flew out of new orleans KMSY YESTERDAY flight to houston was just fine then my connection from houston to kansas city was the most turbulent flight i have ever been onndont know if it was...
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    Cruise wave map and surface winds maps

    How come I can't view these two functions on this site ever since I've joined not been able to view these maps
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    U were Spot on thank you

    AS U said the flight out of new Orleans was fine up until we hit that first front got very very bumpy very scary we were pushing threw head winds very strong ones as we got closer to Ga we pushed...
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    Guess i will have to tuff it out thankyou i...

    Guess i will have to tuff it out thankyou i prefer flying early morning because weather typically is better then also the plane is allready in kmsy
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    IM KINDA new to thus forum I love it !!!! I'm...

    IM KINDA new to thus forum I love it !!!! I'm hoping someone can give me some idea how the flights between these two areas will be early tomm morning and then back from Atl to new Orleans in the...
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    10/10 KMSY TO KATL ON MONDAY AM 615 am

    GOT to take a quick buiss trip to Atl from new Orleans la early Monday morning then return back home to new Orleans Monday night I've been watching the possible weather in Florida from what I see...
  18. Sorry bout the caps i was still a little over...

    Sorry bout the caps i was still a little over excited about that flight!!!! Anyways do pilots feel the turbulance like we feel it i'n the back???? Also do u agree about the air over gulf south area...
  19. Air over gulf south partic louisiana is always rough

    I LIVE IN NOLA AND I TRAVEL ATLEAST 2 to 3 time a month The one thing I have noticed is the air i'n this area is partic ROUGH !!!! LAST NIGHT I WAS HEADING BACK FROM ATL TO NOLA AND THE PIOLOT...
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