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    Trust me, I hear you on that one

    I agree. Sometimes if you know too far in advance you can get yourself so worked up with nerves that the whole experience seems worse than it really is. I flew last summer from Boston to Las Vegas...
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    I think it depends

    Personally I would rather be informed than not know, but each of us is different.

    My friend is a flight attendant for JetBlue and had to work a JFK-SYR flight. There had been nasty storms in the...
  3. I've had two pretty nasty flights

    I've had a couple of really bad flights.

    The first was coming out of Tampa en route to DC. We got caught in a nasty hailstorm and went through severe turbulence for about twenty minutes. Now, I...
  4. @Walrusmuse: My thoughts exactly. Logically we...

    @Walrusmuse: My thoughts exactly. Logically we know that flying is the safest form of travel, crashes are rare and planes are designed to withstand tremendous amounts of turbulence. Emotionally,...
  5. 100% spot on, Naimas. I couldn't agree with you...

    100% spot on, Naimas. I couldn't agree with you more. Air travel has pretty much become a nightmare, and I relish those days when you could count on a few rows being open so you could stretch out and...
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