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Thread: What has been your most turbulent flight?

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    xxmarixx: Oh gosh that must have been terrible. I really really hope not to experience something like that in the fututre!

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    Default I've had two pretty nasty flights

    I've had a couple of really bad flights.

    The first was coming out of Tampa en route to DC. We got caught in a nasty hailstorm and went through severe turbulence for about twenty minutes. Now, I know everyone thinks they go through severe turbulence when it's moderate at best, but in this case the Pilot came on the PA after we were through the weather and said it was the worst turbulence he'd ever experienced in his career. The plane felt like it was out of control, dropping and springing back up and swerving from side to side. People were screaming, stuff flying through the cabin etc. I was seated near the back, and once it was over I heard one flight attendant say to the other that the Captain told her he couldn't hear ATC because people in the cabin were screaming so loud.

    The second flight was on JetBlue from Boston to Vegas. Nearly the entire flight was moderate turbulence due to the jet stream and storm systems in the midwest (this was during the winter). The pilots did everything they could, I felt the plane changing altitudes numerous times. Finally the Captain came on the PA and said there was nothing they could do, they had tried every flight level available and it was just going to be a choppy ride. It wasn't super scary turbulence, but it was very uncomfortable and just wouldn't let up. The flight attendants didn't even get up.

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    One of the worst flights I've experienced was a return trip from PHX-CVG. Take-off from PHX was alright, but once we passed 070 or so, we began to experience continuous, moderate turb. It stayed this way until we were around the northern tip of Texas. This was around March 20th of 2012, when I believe there was a really strong jet throughout most of the west, and the captain told us there was nothing he could really do about it. Upon descent into CVG, we encountered Severe turb for a few seconds as we descended through a thick cloud... the entire plane leaned to one side for a second, and some loose magazines/books were tossed around. One of those cases where you were finally glad to be on the ground.

    Another experience was LAX-ATL... final approach into ATL was a nightmare. Lightning on both sides of us, and maybe 0.5 mi of visibility... it was horrifying.

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