For those that do not like bumps, today is going to be day to rebook if it bothers you to the extreme.
Tonight we had surface to 12,000 of Moderate to Occasional Severe turbulence and low level wind shear being reported from BOS as far west as PIT and south as CLT. Spoke to some pilots today who said the ride was rough. Always keep in mind - the PILOT will make a safe decision and divert in need be. Just to give you an idea on today's forecasted weather. If flying into PHL, winds are right down the runway.

JFK: FM251500 27030G45KT P6SM BKN035
BOS: FM251800 26027G40KT P6SM BKN040
EWR: FM251600 27028G45KT P6SM BKN04
IAD: FM251400 28018G35KT P6SM SCT060
PHL: FM251400 28026G37KT P6SM BKN050
CLT: FM251500 29015G28KT P6SM FEW240

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