September 21, 2020 update

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy.

I want to apologize for the substantial delay in developing our new apps for both Android and iOS. It is taking much longer than anticipated and I am disappointed that I don't have anything to share at this time regarding progress. I will update this page frequently as I get more information. For our iOS users it looks and functions exactly the same, and I really am looking forward to bringing back the Android app, with feature parity. On the brighter side of things, I am seeing a lot more people travel now, and that's a nice trend to see.

Once the apps are updated, we begin the work of making all new maps and updating the old ones, and my developer says that should go much faster than the new apps and accounts updating. Everything that is on the site now will remain free and mostly ad free as they have been since 2005! Some of our new advanced maps will require a subscription to access, in order to help pay for the server time and development time to implement them.

Your support provides a fast loading website, free of charge, and minimal ads. Please consider supporting the site so we can continue to improve the site at a faster rate. Your support will grant you all new perks in the upcoming months.



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