Here to stay! March 16, 2020 update

Over the past few days I've watched site traffic plummet, and forecast by email requests go to near zero, and I've loaded up airplane seat maps and am both saddened to see large amount of empty flights, but also glad that people are doing the right thing and staying safe.

Today I emailed my developer and told him that all the site plans and improvements we have for 2020 should continue, and that when air travel returns (and it will return), the site will be ready as it has been for the past 15 years, here to serve you. Here's what you have to look forward to in later 2020!

Right now, integration work on four different login systems continues. This project has been more complex than anticipated but is nearing completion. Once that is done, an all new iOS app, and our new Android app will be released. Once the apps are out and all the lingering bugs are addressed, work will start on new maps. Similar to the ones we had to discontinue years ago, we will offer easy to understand color coded turbulence maps worldwide. All existing maps will remain free, but some of the new maps will require a subscription to help offset the server costs and programming it takes to make them. We will continue to have every map out there. At the same time, we will be making preparation to offer an automated forecast by email service. Currently, I write each and every forecast request by hand, and I have written well north of 10,000 of these. I will continue to write those for those who want them, but we will have an option that will cost substantially less and will be scalable (I can only write so many a day!). You'll be able to get an automated briefing of what to expect on your flight within minutes of purchase, 24/7. It will show your projected flight path over a color coded map. I cannot wait to get this going! You'll want one every time you fly!

We plan on having all of that in place by the time air travel returns to normal.

Thank you for listening, and thank you for your support. And a special thank you to the hundreds of you that donate on a recurring monthly basis. It is through their generous support that we are able to bring you all these new features.


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