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Now Hiring

Updated September 26, 2023

Turbulence Forecast is Now Hiring

Thanks to our growing subscriber base, we need to grow a little bit! Here's who we are looking for. We are looking to fill all these positions, with the most important ones listed first.

iOS Developer

We are looking to add a second perspective on our iOS app, perform clean up, and enhance the look and feel of our app, as well as adding new features. Someone with design experience would be preferred. Source code is maintained on Github. Projects are managed on Basecamp. Pay based on project/block of hours.

Front End/Designer

We are looking to enhance our front end of the site. Clean up of html, making the site more attractive, improving the look and feel, and increasing performance of our react based site are some of the tasks you would be working on. One of the most critical areas that needs attention is our interactive worldmap. Pay based on project/block of hours.

About working for Turbulence Forecast

  • All positions are 100% remote, and 1099 / contractor only.
  • US based is preferred but will consider excellent candidates internationally. (Primarily for compliance/legal reasons).
  • The team is small. There's no management layers or bureaucracy to deal with!
  • Experienced applicants only. No entry level positions available. We pay accordingly.

How to apply

Locate our comment form on the site and tell us which position you're interested in, and we'll go from there!