An Android app is a popular request, and indeed, we used to have one, but subscription and ad revenue from the app was not enough to cover the costs, and it wasn't even close.

If I can get just 100 monthly pledges of $3 or more a month, I will commission a new Android app and keep it updated. The subscription buttons are coded for Android, so a subscription counts as a vote for an Android app. As soon as we hit 100 subscribers to any Android plan, I will commission its creation. I'm asking for recurring pledges for this because it's not enough just to comission the app, it has to be updated frequently to keep up with the latest hardware and software.

As for September 20, 2018: this page created / 0 subscribers so far.

I want an Android Turbulence Forecast App (choose level of support below)

Android - $3 a month

Android XL - $6 a month

Android XXL - $9 a month

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