Get a Personal Turbulence Forecast for Your Next Flight

My name is Peter, the founder of Turbulence Forecast. I've been forecasting turbulence for over 15 years, and I will personally give you a one on one briefing of what you might expect on your upcoming flight via email. I write each and every forecast personally, with about 12,000 written so far. Where else can you talk to the founder of a website every time? No questions asked refund policy!

2020 update

In 2020, every part of the site and forecast service will have significant improvements. Due to increasingly high demand for forecasts, the new improvements will create an overall better experience for loyal TF users. In addition to the handcrafted forecast by email service and the TF site you love, the 2020 improvements will include new color coded maps, and a new automated forecast service! This automated forecast service will provide a detailed forecast at a lower cost, and will significantly enhance the user accounts system.

I’ve enjoyed bringing you the Turbulence Forecast site for the past 15 years, and I look forward to seeing what the next 15 will bring.

Forecast Details and Terms

  • No questions asked refund policy
  • Your information is kept private and secure
  • Connections under 12 hours are included
  • You agree to wear your seat belt at all times, and you agree we are not liable in any way
  • Our sole remedy to you is your fee paid
  • You will receive:
    • An automatic acknowledgement within minutes.
    • A personal acknowledgement when I read your forecast request (typically 6-12 hours after initial request).
    • Your final personalized forecast 2-12 hours before your flight, depending on map schedule and your flight times. Typically written twice a day, 10am and 11pm Eastern.
  • See a sample forecast and the FAQ

Request a Turbulence Forecast

Trip Options

☺️ - this is a one person operation, please tip generously so I can continue to provide this service. Tips of $25 or more gets you the first class experience - adds an early outlook preview forecast when available in addition to your final forecast.