A recurring donation subscription is a very helpful way to support this site. Ads are unpleasant and invasive, and based on your support, I removed all of them except house ads for forecasts by email, and a long standing sponsor ad for fear of flying. This site has proven an invaluable resource to so many of you, and while I didn't set out to make it my life's work, it does feel that way. I want to make this site the very best it can be, and your donations help. See below for our upcoming plans, and please consider joining the ever growing group of people who support this site. Much appreciated!

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Where did 2019 go?

September 3rd, 2019 Update - With just over 100 recurring donation supporters, the site is on a solid financial footing, and here to stay. Thank you! Over the next few months I'm looking to invest additional resources in the following. I've decided to remain 100% independent and member supported.

  • Generating our own maps based on the underlying global models, color coded, easy to use, and worldwide. This will be resource intensive in terms of programmer hours to create, and server resources to generate. To make it a reality I will need about 1,000-3,000 recurring subscribers to bring it to fruition. Maps for long term forecasts (more than 12 hours), will likely remain available only to supporters as a thank you.
  • An Android app. Our iPhone app is self supporting based on forecast by email sales generated and in app purchases. Our previous Android app did not even break even but with enough supporters I want to bring it back.
  • Improve the iOS app - bring live position tracking utilizing GPS.
  • Have an idea? I'd love to hear it.