A recurring donation subscription is a very helpful way to support this site. Ads are unpleasant and invasive, so I limit those as much as possible. This site has proven an invaluable resource to so many of you, and while I didn't set out to make it my life's work, it does feel that way. I want to make this site the very best it can be, and your donations help. See below for our upcoming plans, and please consider joining the ever growing group of people who support this site. Much appreciated!

Coming in May or June 2019, anyone that subscribes at any level gets ad and tracker free viewing of the website, and discounts of 5%-100% off forecasts by email.

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July 25th Update - we've removed ads for all users, thank you for support. In the future, all donors will receive a percentage off of forecasts by email: Sky = 5% off, Bronze = 10% off, Silver = 25% off, Gold = 50% off, Platinum 75% off, Diamond 85% off, Obsidian 100% off.